Angry Birds: Magic Places is making an exclusive debut on….the Nook Color?

| June 28, 2011 | Reply

Magic places is a location based deal for Angry Birds. In this installment you can take your Nook Color to any B&N and load up the mighty eagle for your gaming pleasure. this strikes me as odd considering most people(like myself) hacked the NC to get goodies like Angry Birds on the ereader/tablet. I would have thought Rovio would target best buy or something for this kind of attention. Either way, B&N has free wifi, stickers and temp tattoos for you NC owners who want to go and grab the Mighty Eagle addition to Angry Birds. This might help in the argument over whether the Nook Color can be counted as a true Android tablet or useable device for anything other than an e-reader. Good job Barnes and Noble for seeing that you could profit from opening up software, and being one of the first to take the position of not caring to lock down devices.


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