Apple might be using Windows Azure for icloud

| June 14, 2011 | Reply

InfiniteApple reported last week that they had suspicion Apple was using Amazon and Windows Azure to power the icloud service that is in beta testing. Screenshots were posted and through more research this has proven to be pretty true. It seems icloud is operating more as a forwarding tool for Azure and amazon right now. Apple is building a new data center in NC, and that could very well be what replaces this current setup, but that is purely a guess at this point. While I find it to be no big deal that Apple would use a huge company to get some of its new cloud services rolling. I guess some people may find it repulsive. Most of these companies all have to work together in the end. Take for example how every Google conference that has demos seems to be run by a mac, and Apple just renewed a deal to keep Google maps and search on iphone and ipad. It will make rounds and Apple haters will use it as a tool to show once again how Apple just takes things and refines them as opposed to creating new. Just remember, there is not much new under the sun.

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