Dear Thunderbolt Owners: Selling Now Would Be Dumb

| June 13, 2011 | 1 Reply

So I see all the talk on Twitter lately about people looking to off their HTC Thunderbolts after a few short months. The impatience I’m seeing is beyond pathetic. Most of what I am seeing, is that users are upset about battery life and random reboots, and those same users are looking at possibly switching to the Samsung DROID Charge. Now, the Samsung DROID Charge is a nice device, but lets compare. (I will be comparing stock devices since the Thunderbolt has had a 2 month head start on development)

Sense 2.0. The integration HTC uses with Sense seems somewhat invasive. Yet, its so polished and works so well, the average user never even notices. Its relatively flawless and looks so nice, its hard not to like Sense. Throw Sense 2.1 on top of that with Gingerbread update coming in the summer (Rumor) and Samsung’s new Touchwiz overlay has no chance.

Both devices sport Android version 2.2.1. Where’s the gain? I see none. Thunderbolt still ahead 1-0.

The HTC Thunderbolt packs in 768MB of RAM, where the DROID Charge packs 512. Now obviously, HTC Sense eats up quite a bit of that generous amount, but Sense is so smooth in its transitions, that it makes it feel even faster then that. The DROID Charge is still using Samsung’s RFS partition system instead of the EXT4, making lag very apparent unless you are rooted and have the ability to convert to EXT4 and flash a Voodoo lagfix kernel. Thunderbolt 2-0.

Here’s where Samsung picks up a W. The Super Amoled 4.3 in screen destroys everyone in the industry. HTC, nor anyone else has a chance. I would go as far as to say I’d even rank it over the qHD screen from Motorola.

Both pack a 1Ghz processor, with the HTC running a Snapdragon, and the Samsung running a Hummingbird. We all know the GPU from the Hummingbird handles gaming like crazy. But without a voodoo lagfix custom kernel, the Thunderbolt and its extra RAM handle gaming on par with the DROID Charge. I give this one a tie. (On stock, if we were comparing rooted phones, I might have to tip this one to Samsung.)

So we are sitting here with a score of 2-1. The DROID Charge is available at Verizon for a nice price tag of $299.99, while the Thunderbolt launched with a $249.99 price. The Thunderbolt has some nice heft to it. Giving it a nice solid feel. The Charge is very Fascinate-ish, being very light and plastic feeling. The build quality on the Thunderbolt just feels better, making the cheaper price tag even better. Advantage Thunderbolt, 3-1.

So I say this to all you twitterers getting ready to ditch your Thunderbolt. Don’t. Not for the DROID Charge. I will say this. Both HTC and Samsung are pushing out updates right and left to get this new LTE technology working perfectly. Remember that. New Technology. With every new thing, there are bugs to be worked out. Do you remember how terribly buggy the DROIDX was at launch?  And that wasn’t even an LTE device. Stick through your 1-2 reboots a day and let HTC fix it. From what I’ve seen, this MR2 radio leaked out for the Thunderbolt causes zero reboots, and battery life is greatly improved. If you are going to give up on your Thunderbolt, at least wait for something dual core and worth the trouble of selling a device and getting a new one. If you don’t, your going to be even more disappointed when that first 4G LTE dual core phone comes out. Patience is a virtue. One I’m slowly learning myself.

What do you think? Are you still going to sell your Thunderbolt?

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  • Hector Garza says:

    Thanks for the info. I agree with what you have written. I love the Thunderbolt and since my last update the battery life has gotten so much better. As per reboots….I havent had one yet unless conducted by me. Great site by the way.