EggDrop is like Craigslist for mobiles, but easier with more options

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Former Google engineer Dan Zhang likes to work on different projects. He took about 6 different positions in 8 years over at Google. Right now his focus is on mobile sales. He is creating an app called EggDrop which allows you to take a photo and list an item quickly all from your Android or iOS device. It also has an option for a “falling price auction” where every so often the price of an item will drop until it is sold or reaches its lowest price, then removed. In testing of just a couple thousand users all but a couple items were sold including cars. The app will also let you post the ad to facebook and craigslist at the same time, to help the growth of the company. There are no fees for selling or buying an item just yet but a premium type pay account may be int he future. The company hopes to have the app ready Wednesday and the site itself is live now. Check it out and see if you would be interested in selling via an app.

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