[UPDATED: More pics] First REAL Pics of the Motorola Droid Bionic Emerge

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The other day we saw an appearance by the Droid 3 in a series of tutorial videos and now the Droid Bionic has appeared. MobileGearz.com got their hands on a few seemingly legit photos of the much-anticipated, much-delayed device.

In the pics you can definitely see a front-facing camera, a version of MotoBlur with new icons, an 8MP camera (1080P recording), two seperate speakers on the back (one just above the camera), the logo denoting 4G LTE presence and one of the pics has it docked with the “web-top” a-la Motorola Atrix.

We still don’t know what the release date is on this thing, but it is seemingly getting nearer, although the official Motorola Twitter account has been responding to Bionic inquiries with

“Hang tight. DROID Bionic is coming and slated for summer release. Our team is working on some new updates”.
So what are your thoughts? Thinking about picking one of these up? Or will Motorola’s trend of locking down their devices, taking away the ability to fully customize their devices, keep you away?

UPDATE: Well when it rains it pours. More Droid Bionic pics have appeared, this time from a Hong Kong based site. It looks like this beast sports a 4.5″ qHD display and according to the About screen it’s running the absolute latest version (for phones) of Android 2.3.4.

Check out the gallery for both the earlier and newest pics:


Source: PhoneHK

Via: DroidLife

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