Google adds image search and instant pages to its site

| June 14, 2011 | Reply

It’s hard to come up with new things to show off on a search engine. Mostly it’s backend tech that helps get better results for users. Today Google announced a couple things you can see at work. With search by Image, it is pretty much like google goggles for your browser. You take an image, load it into the search bar and it will try to match images that are alike and give you results.


Google has also added Instant pages to the Chrome browser. The way this works is the browser will start to pre-load the most popular results for your search right away. When you actually click on the link, the site should have already been loaded in a cache and will pop up right away.

Both of these features could be used for some new powerful searching. i am not sure of how great the instant pages idea will end up in the end, but it does seem to be very fast when it is working.


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