Google + Gets Pretty Widespread, Forced to Shut Down Invites

| June 30, 2011 | Reply

I was out watching Transformers: Dark of the Moon last night and went to the bathroom. When I checked my email on the way I had 3 invites to Google +. One was from WJD Designs, One from B16 over at Rootzwiki and the other was Birdman over at Rootzwiki. That told me that some of the dev community and “insiders” were starting to use the service. I started sending out invites to fellow writers of this site and they of course sent out their own. So as you see, just from myself I can think of about 100 invites sent. This made Google stop invites for the time being. I am sure they will be back up within a couple days. It is nice to see the service expanding because it means that things are going well so far. I am still not sure it will compete with Facebook at all. It seems to be somewhat confusing and not as simple as fb. And simplicity is why fb is popular.

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