Google vs. Facebook #3 (Facebook is up 2-0) is known as Google+, not to be confused with +1

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Google has tried a couple times to start a fight with facebook. It has come up way short and canceled projects both times. The most recent being Buzz. I think when they shut it down I followed 0 people and had 2 following me. That is pretty sad even for a huge nerd with little friends like myself. But now I can have more friends, some I might not even know! Google + is here to save the day. To me, its a little confusing. This is kind of how it boils down:

Circles is really like groups. Where you can include multiple people or partake in a group for updates and what not

Sparks is kind of like trends on twitter. It will update you on hot topics for that time

Hangouts is a group chat deal

Huddle and Mobile are location based services as well as instant photo uploading with sharing and local group chats

Thats all I have for now. From the video below, it looks like facebook and tries to add twitter to it. Without Farmville, its doomed.Follow the link after the video for more videos on what this all means and how it interacts. As of this writing its a pretty closed beta but you can try to get it yourself. Let us know if you do, and what you think!

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