Here is a video with 17 minutes of WP7 Mango showing off [video]

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We have been trying to prepare you the past couple months, its coming this fall. Windows phone 7 Mango is a huge update to the disappointing WP7 offered in phones. WP7 sales are on the rise as far as market share, and will probably see a decent jump if things go as planned. Watching the video you will see a very smooth, intuitive UI with no lag. The battery life is supposed to best iOS and Android. With Nokia as the main phone manufacturer, you will without a doubt see a large marketing push (hopefully without Bill Gates and Seinfeld) for the handsets. I am excited to see what comes of this. With the deep integration of social networking and communication it should make the big two consider changes. It already has, actually. The lock screen camera option that fans at WWDC went nuts over on iOS5, was built into WP7 at launch. More competition just makes for a better product, right Androidians?

Via: Mobileburn

Thanks to Gizmoninja writer Mike919 for sending us the video!

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