iOS 5 To Introduce Improved, Android-like Notification System

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Apple’s WWDC event is currently in progress and they are unveiling tons of little goodies for Apple/iOS fans. One of the major changes that will be coming in iOS 5 is an improved notification system. With the current iOS notification system (iOS 4 and prior) you get a pop-up window that displays the content of the notificaiton. This method of notification has been a source of frustration, causing displeasure with iOS users everywhere because the pop-up window takes precedence over whatever the user is currently doing. So you can be playing a game and notifications will pop up over the game – swiping through through your app list and the notification pops up while you’re doing so. So the announcement of the new notification system is pretty big.

Current iOS notifaction

iOS 5 will introduce the “Notification Center”, a notification system that will be much less intrusive and should aslo be pretty familiar to anybody that has ever used an Android device. All notifications will now appear in a dropdown window that can be accessed by swuoubg down from the top of the screen. You can dismiss any notification by pressing a little X button that appears on the right side of each notification.
As you can see, this notification system is pretty much the exact same as what is found in pre-3.0 versions of the Android OS. It’s a pretty blatant copy-job, but it’s not like stuff like this doesn’t happen between companies every day.
In addition to accessing the notifications by swiping down Apple has also included access to them via the lock screen (see image below).  Individual notifications appear above the main “slide to unlock” slider, allowing you to slide the notification you want to see to the right to go directly to it. Now that’s something that Android doesn’t do, at least natively - although it is something that Microsoft did with the lockscreen in Windows Mobile 6.5.
Another thing that the new Notification Center does that Android doesn’t is actually display notification content while you’re using an app. So for instance: If you’re playing a game a little notification drop-down will appear at the top of the screen, alerting you of the notification and giving you a short preview of its contents – it goes away “after a moment”. I’m not sure how this feature will go over with users. While it isn’t nearly as obtrusive as the current notificaiton pop-up it still does interrupt what you are doing to some extent.

So kudos to Apple for addressing a pretty big annoyance for iOS users, and not being affraid of copying a competitor to do so.

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