Iphone4 carrier unlocked now available from Apple

| June 14, 2011 | Reply

But you may not want to jump in on the deal if you are with T-Mobile. Unlocked phones are mainly for overseas travelers who like to just get prepaid sims while on vacation so they don’t have to pay international roaming fees. If you take that into consideration, then buying an unlocked iphone is not a bad idea. If you just want one because you hate your current phone or damaged your current phone you might want to think twice. The cost of a 16 gig Iphone unlocked is $649. You can probably troll craigslist and grab one for a few hundred and make sure it works before you complete the transaction. On top of that, the unlocked Iphone will only run on T-Mobiles GSM network. So no 3g or 4g to be found. If all of this makes you decide you’d still like an unlocked iphone (which you can unlock a regular via jailbreak) then head on up to your favorite Apple retail store.

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