Lytro camera company wants to revolutionize the industry

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As a pretty active photographer, I try not to report too much news here in terms of imaging. This story sounds pretty great though. If you’ve ever taken time to learn how to use a camera on full manual mode you know how hard focal length and dialing in focus on specific items can be. Add into the adjusting for light, surrounding, framing and the whole process takes a lifetime to learn. Lytro wants to change all of that. They are introducing a camera that takes multiple focal lengths, and multiple angles with a single shot. You can then, using software simply point and click on an image and the area of focus will change. The company is calling this “living pictures” taken with a “light field camera”. there are no details on price, mp, design or release of the camera as of now. If it does what it says and is not outrageously priced, I will likely be lining up for one. Hopefully it packs a ton of features with the camera, like bracketing for your HDR needs.You can go to the website and play with some photos by clicking and changing the focus now. Lytro is claiming the camera will be released this year.

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