Meet the i’mWatch…an Android-powered Watch

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So we have Android phones, and Android tablets, and Android other things I’m probably not aware of. But now, now, there’s the Android-powered i’mWatch. That’s right, watch. What’s the gig? Evidently, the watch connects to your smartphone (not just Android, but also iPhone4, and future BlackBerry devices) via bluetooth. On the 1.54″ display, you can run a custom set of apps that come bundled with the watch, on a custom version of Android. What else? How about making and receiving phonecalls and texts, as well as…well, everything you do on your phone! Check the weather, your stocks, email, and all your favorite social networking sites.

Given my limited geekness, I’m quoting androidcentral here: “All this is running on a Freescale ARM9 IMX233 CPU, with 64 MB of RAM and 4 GB of storage.  In other words, it should do everything listed really, really well.  Combine that with a 600mAh battery for 2 hours talk time or 48 hours standby time, and you have one of the coolest accessories you’re likely to run across.” I’ll take their word for it.

Source: i’mWatch via androidcentral

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