Microsoft “Windows 8″ Has Been Unveiled

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Microsoft president, Steven Sinofsky, made quite a splash during his keynote at the D: All Things Digital (D9) conference today — giving everybody a sneak peek at their next OS, Windows 8. Sitting up on stage with him was a pair a experimental Windows 8 dev boards running the new OS which is obviously designed for touch, bearing a striking resemblance to the Windows Phone 7 (WP7) “Metro” UI.

Windows 8 will run two kinds of applications, one that runs in a traditional desktop environment and the other in more of a mobile-like environment with apps based on HTML5 and Javascript. In the video demo you can see that when running the traditional desktop applications (like MS Office) you actually get the Windows Taskbar that you know and love, though optimized for touch.  While you can still use a keyboard and mouse throughout the OS, there will also be multiple virtual keyboard options to choose from. Multitasking is done similarly to what we see on the Blackberry Playbook, by swiping from the left or right to pull the next running application into view. In addition to simply replacing the currently visible app with another you can pull windows partway to snap them into place alongside each other and horizontally resize them to your liking. There’s a new version of Internet Explorer 10 (which runs Silverlight) and an app store built into the touchscreen interface, along with integrated services like Office 365. Microsoft says the new OS will run on laptops, tablets and desktops. That’s right, the same exact install of Windows for all devices. This should be interesting, to say the least.

Pricing and release date is not yet known and “Windows 8″ will apparently not be the final official name.

I kind of like the Metro UI of WP7, and from what I’ve seen so far the UI looks good to me on tablets. I’m not sure how I feel about my desktop being a collection of big tiles on my PC, though… What are your thoughts?

Check out the “Building Windows 8″ video below for a better understanding of how the new OS works:



Source: AllThingsD Via: Engadget

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