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I would like to touch on the Motorola bootloader madness, it’s old news, but it’s still developing. From a year and a half ago.

The first Android phone from Motorola was the DROID (A855). It basically saved their butts, and that’s an understatement. But when the DROID was shipped over to Europe as the Milestone, it stirred quite a fuss because of the locked bootloader. A locked bootloader limits the amount of modifications that developers, hackers, and themers can implement. This bootloader issue was carried on by every Moto-made phone after the DROID; including, but not limited to: DROID X, DROID 2, and ATRIX. When a forum was made about the bootloader being locked on Motorola’s website, a rep from Moto commented on it saying, if you want customization, buy elsewhere. Their PR promptly responded to the tech blogs saying that they are “working on a solution for developers” so that devs will get what they want, and end users will still be safe. That’s the first of the recent happenings. Motorola’s Facebook page put out a poll asking what kind of apps do they like on their phones. An overwhelming 20k+ votes were casted for an unlocked bootloader. Shortly after the votes were tallied, the DROID BIONIC page on Moto’s site was taken down because they are “making enhancements based on compelling feedback.” Many of us that enjoy Motorola built hardware accompanied by a little hackery rejoiced of this news because there is a very good chance that the chastity belt of the Android OEM’s is unlocking itself for us, once again.

Now that you know a bit of the background of the situation;

Why would Motorola take a year and a half of fuss and a Facebook poll to change their stance on this issue? Is it just pride, or do they have a legitimate reason? If Motorola changes its mind, does this mean that Android can actually be open on their devices again? I sure hope so. Android was a game changer and it still is, but it all depends on the OEM’s that distribute it if we can take down the fruitiest OS of them all.


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