Samsung sends a member of the Cyanogen team a Galaxy S2…so it can have CM7

| June 6, 2011 | Reply

This is great. HTC, SONY, now Samsung. It appears that the voice of the little guys (devs and rommers) is being heard very clearly. Samsung has went ahead and sent team member Atinm a GalS2 for development. He plans to start working on CM nightlies tonight. It shouldn’t be long before you see the link start to pop up for his work. As of late, people who want open unlocked phones have been very happy with a few companies. Mainly HTC, for announcing they will no longer lock bootloaders. But this along with everything else Samsung has been trying to do to right its wrongs with the S1 will help potential buyers decide on an S2 a little. Now, Moto just looks like more of the elephant int he room.

Via: Androidcentral

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