Smartphone Users Consume Data at Faster Rates than Ever

| June 17, 2011 | Reply

We’ve all read the statistics about growth and popularity of smartphones, but when we pay attention to how those phones are used, some pretty impressive numbers jump out at us. Having just released their latest numbers, Nielson reports the amount of data consumed by the average smartphone user is up 89% over the last year (230mb/month to 435mb/month).

Growth is good, right? Well, only if carriers can add capacity to account for the uptick – but still price plans well enough to make money and satisfy their consumers, a delicate balance. Today, the average cost/mb of data is 8 cents. A year ago, it was 14 cents.

Android vs. iPhone? A year ago, not much difference in the amount of data consumed by their respective users (about 312mb/month). Today, Android users consume considerably more (582mb/month vs. 492mb/month).

Interesting information, especially given the new tiered data pricing plans many carriers offer today. Where do you think we’re heading? One would only assume the numbers continue to rise from here. Especially when even my 4-year-old knows to say, “hey, just look it up on your phone, mom.”

Source: AllThingsD

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