Sprint Announces HTC EVO 3D Phone Giveaway

| June 6, 2011 | 4 Replies

Ok Sprint Premier customers, get ready for a contest! Sprint announced this morning a giveaway of 32 HTC EVO 3D phones.  Right now, the entry link directs you to the Be a 3D Star Sweepstakes page that houses an entry form available only to Sprint Premier customers.  Seems that 10 of the 32 EVO 3Ds come along with some EVO swag as well.

Say what? 10 of the 32? Now folks, I was a mathematics major, but I’m sure all of you who weren’t are still wondering what’s up with the 22 other phones. Luckily androidcentral is getting the lowdown for us, and we’ll keep you posted.

Beginning June 13th, the sweepstakes opens to all, and also offers the opportunity to be part of their 3D movie experience, Present Tense. Viewing the preview, it looks like uploading your photo will place YOU in this 3D movie: Be a 3D Star: Present Tense

Source: androidcentral

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  • kenneth says:

    i want it , i really need this phone

  • osvaldo topete says:

    neeeed ittt! bad!

  • Patrick Robert says:

    I need that phone for my brother please!!

  • charmin michelle brock says:

    my husband todd found jesse james treasure he used sprint blackberry video and photo for documentation and he needs the star aps & voice comand seach internet this phone is a ness tool for his find Ive been sprint customer for 14 years longer have 7 lines and would love for u to do comecial on his find he used his blackberry to find clues as well as info tools on the road and out in the mountains the tecnoligey has aloud him to find treasure 200 iteam mex mule train attacked by jesse in oklahoma 1876 found cave full gold jewls silver mine jim bowie he will publish this year and need sponcer as well as brag right movie book deals ect todd telling the world he used sprint as the only grandfathered service to use none of the others compare to qulity service or deals on years of service