T-Mobile’s 4G PayDay Awarding $4,000 a Day

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Who loves a trivia contest?! Hopefully if you’re on T-Mobile, you do, because starting today, continuing through October 2nd, they’re giving away a daily prize of $4,000! Yup, 4G’s…ha ha ha. Played via text message, the T-Mobile 4G PayDay multiple-choice trivia contest awards the person with the most consecutive right answers during the span of one hour the $4,000 prize for that day. Meh, not good enough to bother playing? How about the Audi Q5 or 40G’s you might win as one of the weekly prizes? That’d do it for me, I’ll take either, thanks.

Ok, here’s the details: Players get three changes per day, and can purchase hints, or pay to skip a question – for $1 each. You’re also given a $6 per game, or $95 per month stipend to spend – so use those hints and skips wisely. If you’re ready to go, T-Mobile customers can text START to 4444 to read and accept the rules, and your clock starts when you answer the first question. Have fun, ninjas!

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