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Here’s what you might have missed this past week on

Android How To’s

[HOW-TO][VIDEO] Basic Themeing: Getting your imges into an .apk

Android News

Official Starbucks Android App Now Available

Lookout Security finds trojans aimed at custom rom’d phones, uh oh!

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 USB Adapter Available Now

CyanogenMod 7 (CM7) BETA released for the Droid X

American Airlines Orders 6,000 Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1s for Premium Class

Dear Thunderbolt Owners: Selling Now Would Be Dumb

BREAKING: Cyanogen Mod on the Droid X! VIDEO

Apple News

WWDC Survey shows iOS devs are branching out

Customize Cookbooks and Share Recipes With Yummrs

Apple Plans New Spaceship Headquarters


Motoboot Madness

Mobile News

Smartphone Users Consume Data at Faster Rates than Ever

Tech News

Wikipedia wants to give away its old servers….for non-profit

A few small changes to the site

Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 goes nationwide tomorrow. See a video of new touchwiz now

Want a reason to store your Bitcoins on a flash drive? One collector had $500k worth stolen in an e-heist

Angry birds updated with 15 new levels, update now live!

Google and MIT make transferring data to a phone through a photo possible with Deepshot

Latest Infuse 4g commercial teaches you not to use the phone outside in certain situations

T-Mobile adds 47 markets to its 42 Mbps coverage

Three Chinese people sent to prison over Ipad 2 leaks

Acer takes a step back from the 5-7 million tablets they thought they would sell this year

A new artifical heart lets you live with no pulse

Apple might be using Windows Azure for icloud

Google adds image search and instant pages to its site

Microsoft introduces a tool to port your Android app to WP7

Iphone4 carrier unlocked now available from Apple

Solar Panel Bikini Keeps You Fully Charged

ASUS claims they will ship 300,000 Transformer tablets in June

1Gbps may be coming to your home soon – for just $70

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