Virgin Mobile will keep android phones vanilla – mostly

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Want a carrier that doesn’t pin you down to a contract, and will fight to keep your phone stock Android? Say hello to Virgin Mobile. In a quote after the Motorola Triumph was released the carrier said this:

“Virgin Mobile USA aims to make available devices that allow the end user to have the freedom to customize the device to their liking. We like to take a consistent approach with our Android portfolio and so we prefer to have the true Android experience loaded on all our Android phones

That sounds pretty awesome, right? Let’s hope they employ the same idea behind bootloaders, not forcing a hand to try to lock them down. While the phones will be mostly stock, a couple bloatware apps from Virgin will be included when you pick up the device. It’s a good trade off if you ask me.

For those of you who don’t know Vanilla is commonly referred to as stock android before touchwiz, blur, or htc sense is thrown on top of it.

Source: PCMag

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