Apple finishing up work on 15″ & 17″ ultra-thin MacBooks?

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According to MacRumors, Apple has new  ultra-thin 15-inc and 17-inch Mac notebooks in the works – and testing is already in its late stages. Rumor is that the two new notebooks will fall under the MacBook Pro branding - Ditching the current design of the MacBook Pro and joining the MacBook Air line with an ultra-thin design made possible by the use of integrated SSD and a lack of optical drive. This doesn’t seem very far-fetched, especially since the latest Mac mini update leaves it with no optical drive itself. It’s also believed that the two new ultra-thin notebooks will be available in time for Christmas.

With Intel’s partners expected to begin launching their “Ultrabook” notebooks this fall, the ultra-thin notebook market will be getting much more competitive. The MacBook Air is finally edging out the low-end MacBook design notebooks, so it would only make sense for Apple to move towards making their entire line of the ultra-thin variety.

NOTE: Image above is of the current MacBook Air

Via: MacRumors

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