Apple Laptops Vulnerable to Hack That Can Make Battery Explode

| July 26, 2011 | Reply

The newer Macboos, Macbook Air and Macbook pro notebooks like most devices with a battery have a microchip to help control charging and power management. The chips like most have a firmware attached to them that can be accessed if you know how to get to it. The bad news for Apple is every laptop with the new power management feature have the same default password and could be accessed remotely. This means someone could actually overload the battery and kill it or worse; cause it to explode.Someone could also place malware on the chip that just about every antivirus will never be able to get rid of.

Hacker Charlie Miller will show the exploit off next month at the black hat security conference. He has already come up with software to change the default password and save you from the hacking. He has also been in talks with Apple and a fix will likely be out soon in the form of an update. The tool to correct this problem will be named “Caulkgun” and will be released next month. The only issue with this is that it will prevent Apple from putting in their own fixes and updates to the battery chip.

Source: Forbes

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