Blackberry Bold 9930 walk-through video leaked

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If you’re a Blackberry fan you probably already know all about the Bold 9930. If not a BB fan you probably won’t even read this, but I’ll give a quick rundown anyway.

The 9930 is basically the existing BlackBerry Bold but with a capacitive touchscreen and updated innards – Namely a 1.2GHz CPU, 768MB of RAM, a GPU, 2.8″ touch screen,  HSPA+, and NFC support (current Bold has 624MHz, 317MB, no GPU, 2.4″ non-touch screen, 3G and no NFC). It also sports the yet-to-be-released Blackberry OS 7, as compared to the current OS 6. From a looks standpoint it’s kind of a mix between traditional Blackberry and iPhone 4-like materials (stainless steel).

The 9930 doesn’t have a solid release date yet, but a blunder on the VZW sales page for the Bold 9650 unveiled a walkthrough video for the 9930 instead. It probably won’t be up for long, but if you go to VZW’s Blackberry 9650 page and click on “Explore Features” it is currently showing the unexpected video. Or… You can just watch the embedded video, curtosy of Engadget, below!

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