Check Out the MotoActive Sport Watch Prototype

| July 28, 2011 | Reply

Funny, I was just thinking earlier tonight that I need a watch-like, heart-rate monitor kinda thing. This “MotoActive” concept device seems like it would fit the bill. Taken from a survey sent to some customers, the watch is described as “all-in-one fitness and music personal fitness device” that also has a GPS feature to help accurately track your workout and performance level. Need tunes to work out (who doesn’t?)…an integrated “smart music player” compiles a list of songs that help you workout at your highest potential. Like to analyze your workouts? Synch wirelessly to your PC and Android devices.

Remember, just a concept at this point, but looks kinda cool. What do you think? Would you sport one with a wristband in your spandex at the local YMCA? (Yah, that was a  joke.)

Source: engadget

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