Check out this transparent Aston Martin Android phone!

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Check out the phone above… You can see right through it!! Pretty sweet, huh? This phone is apparently the work of luxury phone maker, Mobiado (yeah, i’ve never heard of them either). They’re teaming up with Aston Martin in an attempt to create the most luxurious (and unique) Android phone ever. And judging by the pictures, unique it is.

What we’re seeing here is one of the first prototypes, which features a transparent window-like display. According to the concept renders, the device will be Android based and “as beautiful as an Aston Martin car is expected to be”. Titled the CTP002, the concept phone also features a titanium frame on the left and right edges.

No word on exactly what technology is being used for the transparent display on this thing and there’s also nothing about what version of Android it will run, what chipset it will use, etc.. One thing we DO know is that if this thing ever does go into production it will be so ridiculously expensive that there’s a good chance you’ll never see one in real life. It would still be interesting to see how this thing develops, and fun to dream about owning one.


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