Google+ might have 20 million users by weeks end

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While I really don’t like how everyone is comparing Facebook and Google+, for this article I will reference both of them together. Facebook has 750 million users. Those numbers have remained steady and slightly gone down as of late. Mostly because everyone already has one, not because people quit the social networking monster. I think Facebook, like Myspace has a shelf life. Like Myspace, they are shoving too many things together that people may want to not place together. Their TOS and privacy issues have been a hot button topic for some time now. Even when you delete your Facebook, it’s never really gone. You are better off removing all comments, photos, updates and making it all private(like I did). Is Google+ stepping up at the right time?

A report from the guy who founded says that plus is growing at an enormous rate. By the end of today(Tuesday) the new social platform will reach 10 million users. People I know and never thought would entertain the thought of leaving Facebook have posted that they now have a plus account. I believe they will keep both going for a while, and pick one in the end. At its current growth rate (350 percent a week) the number of plus users should top 20 million shortly. If it’s true, it would rival Facebooks heaviest growth rate of 1 million new users per day. Google has not come out with official numbers yet, so I will stick this in the rumor mill. Even still, I see it growing substantially in my small circle of friends(see what i did there?) where I thought it wouldn’t. Now if I could just stop those 30 or so strangers a day from adding me to a circle.

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