Ikea to Add Vehicle Charging Stations in Select Stores

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Ikea is a pretty great store. You can get a cheap clock, cheap lamp hammock or even learn how to have an entire house in just 298 square feet. I couldn’t fit in the shower of that tiny place, and im not a large person. You can enjoy an inexpensive meal at ikea as well. Everything is named silly and the store has a ton of display living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms for you to copy. If you are a person on a budget you love the place. Hipsters love it as well. I guess they believe environmentalists will love it too! Something about cheaply made plastic items and the environment doesn’t go right in my head, but why not!

Ikea has partnered up with Ecotality, Inc to place blink charging stations for electric vehicles in select stores for testing. Ten stores will be chosen in Arizona, California, Oregon, and Washington and the charging stations should be in by winter. Testing will last about a year and ikea will then decide if they should expand the electric charging stations throughout other stores. I hope testing goes well and other stores decide to install electric charging stations as well. I am all for electric cars, and they should only grow in popularity as technology gets cheaper for providing electric for the masses. Now we just need the world to stop relying on dirty coal for power plants.

Source: Engadget

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