Isostick Wants To Help You Easily Install an OS or Any Other ISO Via USB

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Have you ever downloaded a (legal) iso of 7 beta when it came out and didn’t have a dvd around to burn? Maybe you just didn’t feel like burning one or using an optical drive. If Apple is right, the Optical age is over. I somewhat agree with that but Windows users still had the issue of being forced to install games, apps, OS via disk even if you had an iso. Making a bootable flash drive isn’t hard, it just takes too many steps and not all computers firmware likes all flash drives.

Elegant Invention in south Bend, Indiana wants to help make this a bit easier for you. They are creating a flash drive that will mount any iso on the flash drive as a cd. This helps as it makes any iso instantly bootable without expanding the image and without installing any software on the computer to make it work. The company is on kickstarter trying to raise $25k to get started for public release. You can donate as little as a dollar if you are into the idea of the isostick. If you want an isostick sent to you now, the cost will be $75 and you will have to send bug reports. I am hoping the cost of an 8 gig usb from isostick wont be that much when it goes retail. But it’s a neat idea, either way.

Source: Kickstarter Via: Make:Online

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