Man Uses Fish Scales to Create Plastic

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Plastic is a nasty substance for the most part. It’s made from oil and the Carbon within the oil. Not only that, it is not biodegradable. So plenty of it ends up in the ground or sea and will simply never break down. The amount made v the amount recycled is minimal at best. For years people have been working to try to come up with a suitable alternative with less let downs.

Erik de Laurens has come up with a way to make a plastic from fish scales. The good thing about that is that fish scales are thrown out by the ton every year. Even better is the fact he uses no outside compounding agents for the plastic, just heat and pressure. He uses a dye, then a die to mold the scales into a plastic that looks like a marble or granite. Hopefully some way can be found to strengthen the plastic for modern uses and mass production ad stop using oil for the plastic we all use.

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