Meet Mans New Best Friend, The Remote Controlled Mower and Snowplow

| July 30, 2011 | Reply

I am pleased to have found this machine today at Maker Detroit. What you’ve got here is the SnoMow Bot by Chuck Copeland of MI. What he seems to have done is rip apart a mower, add some electric motors, a control box, aluminum and upgraded wheels and can help you in your hate of yard or shovel work. The bot has two 1hp motors with a 22 inch mowing deck and a 36 inch underbody slow plow. It can travel at speeds up to 10mph and is said to hold a charge for up to three hours and sport a zero turn radius. I didn’t notice anywhere that he had a site for purchase of the machine, but I will check in tomorrow with him and see if he plans to produce these for the public. What is a gen like this worth to you on 100 degree days when you can stand in you a/c and mow the lawn via remote?

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