Microsoft has no problems with you throwing WP7 mango beta on a phone

| July 8, 2011 | Reply

This isn’t really computing in my mind yet. Microsoft generally likes to have some sort of control over the beta releases that roll out. Sometimes it is subscription based, sale of a beta build or picking it up at a MS conference. With WP7 mango, a beta has been floating around and some hacks have been able to get the soon to come OS onto an HD2 phone. When asked about this happening MS spokesman Bill Cox said:

“We say tinker away with Mango and enjoy the juice,” Microsoft spokesman Bill Cox said in a statement to AllThingsD. “But beware the fine print — unlocking phones may void your warranty.”

While phones like the HD7 and every other phone running WP7 should get the mango update, it isn’t available or supported yet. Is this another play by MS to make you feel like you should try out a WP7 device? Probably. Does that make it any less awesome? Nope. Hopefully they keep this same open attitude when the final release comes around. I wonder if anyone asked him how he felt about the HD2 dual booting Android? Check a video of the beta running on an HD2 below.



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