Motorola Xoom finally about to receive its 4G LTE upgrade?

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Upon release, early adopters of the Motorola XOOM 3G Android tablet were told that the device would be getting a free upgrade to 4G LTE. The promise of 4G speed was enough to make many run out and buy the tablet. Internal Verizon documents showed that the upgrades were to begin “Approximately 90 days after launch”, which puts us sometime in the month of May. May has come and gone and users are still stuck surfing at 3G speeds, and that has led to a ton of backlash towards Motorola. Despite many attempts to find out what the status is with the upgrades Motorola has remained tight-lipped, only stating that the upgrades are expected to begin some time this summer.

Motorola still hasn’t spoken up as to exactly when users should expect their upgrades, but a FCC application approval that popped up today gives everybody hope that they’ll get their 4G sooner than later. The application is for a LTE module that will bring LTE capabilities to the XOOM. FCC documents show that the XOOM’s LTE module will be professionally installed and is not intended for use in any other device.

As stated above, there still hasn’t been any word from Motorola on a timeframe, but this at least gives hope to all the XOOM 3G owners out there that they can soon send in their devices for its much-anticipated upgrade.

Source: Wirelessgoodness, FCC Via: DroidLife

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