Nielsen Confirms What We All Know: Android #1, Apple #2, RIM #3

| July 28, 2011 | Reply

Android OS continues to wow us in every graph we see. The market share of the Google OS grew again this past quarter according to Nielsen which shows Android with a majority 39% market share. Apple came in second with 28% and Blackberry is still holding on to third with 20%. WP7 made a gain to 9%, and I expect by the end of the year for Microsoft to be sitting in third in terms of share with Mango coming out in September. May take until the first quarter of 2012, but it’s going to happen.

An Interesting notable I saw was the division of Android’s market share. It’s no surprise HTC is in the top spot and Moto is in second. What’s very interesting is that Samsung is only 3% behind Moto for being second in Android handset manufacturing. With the Gal S2 coming down the line and Moto doing everything they can to make themselves look like a horribly managed company, how long will it be before Samsung takes over the droid giant? The last time Moto had a hot selling phone was last July. And the Bionic is looking to be more of a dud. I am sure some Moto Fanbois and girls will still flock tot he Bionic, but I am still not sure why.i saw a report that Motorola had the highest return rate for Android phones the other day, so it’s not build quality as ive been told. Maybe it’s just the name you all know and love?

Source: Nielsen

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