RIAA and ISP’s agree on a “copyright alert system”

| July 8, 2011 | Reply

The RIAA had tried for years to screw help recording artists, movie studios and consumers come to a nice way of keeping media from being pirated. It’s come in the way of warnings, lawsuits and even proposed jailtime. Now is the next step in the failure of the RIAA. It will involve a 6 step process where an ISP will send you notices if illegal downloading . As far as what the ISP will do if you go over the 6? Probably nothing. They certainly wont cut off your internet. They may try to throttle you. The RIAA might come after you. It may be a step in the right direction but the fact is piracy will always be here. If you are at all worried about your favorite torrent downloader getting you in some trouble take some time and learn a bit about newsgroups. Also, no ISP’s are going to spend additional money to monitor you. So you will still need to be tracked down by content provider who will then inform your ISP of your wrongdoing.

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