Samsung Galaxy S2 Confirmed To Be Running On LTE By Verizon. Possible Release August 12? [UPDATE]

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I feel as if we have become the flagship reporting group for the Galaxy S2. It wont be for much longer, I promise. This time it’s not a screenshot of one, or a rumor. Verizon has confirmed via twitter that their version of the S2 will indeed work on the 4g LTE network. That is the one last thing most people were waiting to hear when deciding if they would wait on the S2 or the Moto Bionic. I won’t rant about it now, but Moto sure is screwing themselves the past year.

No word yet on the release date of the phone or cost, but I would think it will run between $249-$299. The battery wasn’t bad on the S1 compared to the Thunderbolt. But with 4g, a brighter screen will it be decent on the S2? Rumor has it that dual core phones are actually supposed to take less battery. We will see.

Source: @VZWSupport

Update: VZW has come out and said they aren’t really sure about if the Verizon SGS2 will have lte. Just that the SGS2 is 4g capable, whatever that means.

Update2: Reports are coming in that analyst Paul Meuller is saying August 12 may be the date for the S2 to ship and that it will be made to target the newest iPhone. Hold that one to major rumor status for now, as there hasn’t been any sightings of the phone for Verizon out.

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