T-Mobile Has New Bring Your Own Phone Plans, Rumors of 42mbps Phones.

| July 20, 2011 | Reply

T-Mobile is upping the game on their old BYOP plans starting July 24. If you sign on for two years and buy a phone at retail cost or have them activate a sim for a phone you already own, you can jump on a pretty good plan. For $75 per month you get unlimited talk, text and data. The data is throttled after 5gb each month but that’s not too bad. This is kind of like a MetroPCS plan with better coverage.

If the plan above will include access to their 42mbps network that is live all over the place, then we have some good news for you. It looks like HTC will have a phone capable of the crazy speed ready within a couple of months. As of now, there are no phones that can run on T-Mo’s 42mpbs capacity, just the 21mbps. Samsung and LG are rumored to be producing phones shortly for the increased speeds as well.

So even though the company is trying to get itself bought out by ATT, T-Mo is still trying to lure more customers in right now. I am getting tempted to try the network out soon. Just waiting for those 42mbps phones.

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