This 11 Year Old Probably has Cooler Hobbies Than You [Maker Faire Detroit]

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What do you do with your free time? Drink, play video games and flash roms on phones? Maybe you write a bunch of junk on websites about everything you wish you had?  There is nothing wrong with any of those by any means, but shouldn’t you be out building robots? Thats exactly what 11 year old Joseph Schulte of Northville, MI is doing. His group of robot makers named Cougarbot were on hand at Maker Detroit and I had a nice conversation with the young man. I have some video of him explaining one of the many projects they had showing in their area. I will upload videos later as time allows. The robot would track back and forth along a pvc pipe while carrying objects to and fro. The machine is running off of Legos Mindstorm platform which allows the making of robotics without complex knowledge of coding and building. The pvc scaling bot was equipped with three motors to help with balance and power, and a color sensor that would tell the bot to stop and reverse direction without human interaction needed. One of the other bots I noticed was a six legged walker simulating a scorpion with an interactive tail.These kits have a central control box on the robot that will carry out what programming is entered while making the bots.

What seeing young talent like this reminds me of is what the future has in store for young programmers and builders. With objects like Android Adruino coming up and growing, what will a young man like Joseph be able to do when he starts to get into an adruino board, components and some software knowledge? He seemed very interested in future technologies commenting on the tablet I had in hand to scribe some notes for information gathering. I tried to find more information on the group Cougarbot but everything that showed up when I put the name into Google was nothing we need to share on this site. Turning safesearch off is just a bad idea sometimes. Either way, this young man does things that most guys my age used to say “Wouldn’t it be cool to make a robot scorpion that could attack my GI Joes with his tail?”.  Good job Joseph and team Cougarbot.

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  • Caroline Kalvaitis says:

    Cougarbots are part of the Our Lady of Victory Elementary School in Northville Michigan. They meet after school during the school year and compete at the Lawrence Technological Univeristy RoboFest events.