Toshiba Announces First WP7 Mango Phone [video]

| July 28, 2011 | Reply

In what Toshiba is calling the first Mango phone to be released(or announced), it comes as sort of a mid range phone. Except it’s waterproof. I don’t know why or what for but it is. The specs aren’t that much of a wow factor until you see the camera spec. 3.7 inch screen, 1ghz snapdragon, 32 gigs memory and a 13.2mp camera. I guess you can use all of those MP’s for underwater exploration photos? The phone should be out sometime in September and will not see a US launch. This will be the first WP7 phone available in Japan. I was oping to see some WP7 Mango phones stateside before that considering Nokia needs to get one out fast. Waiting to make the right product may be the right decision in the end, but with some major phones on the horizon it could be too late.

Source: BGR

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