Waiting for the Motorola Droid 3? Looks like go time will be July 7th AND (??) 14th

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As ourselves and others reported last week, the Motorola Droid 3 looks like it’ll be available at Best Buy on July 14th. What wasn’t reported a week ago, though, is that the device will also be released on July 7th… Say what?! Well, here’s the deal – July 14th is the date that it will be available in stores. So you can slide on over to your local Verizon store or Best Buy and pick one up on that date. But Pocketnow is reporting that a week before that, on July 7th, “direct fulfillment” sales begin – which means you can purchase the phone online (or in-store) and the phone will ship directly to you. This hasn’t been officially confirmed, and it’s possible that the 7th is actually when pre-orders begin – but that wouldn’t make much sense, especially since VZW doesn’t usually have a pre-order period that lasts that long. If you look at the internal document below it even says “This device will launch via D-Fill on July 7th, 2011…”, which doesn’t sound too much like a pre-order date.

If you have an upgrade that you’re just dying to use or are looking to switch to VZW, it looks like you’ll have yet another device to choose from very soon. While not an LTE device, the Droid 3 is reportedly quite a beast, with its revamped 5 row qwerty keyboard, qHD display and dual-core OMAP 4 processor. So if you don’t need/want LTE, don’t mind having a (probably) locked down bootloader, don’t mind MotoBlur (the latest version is actually decent) and want a powerful device with a hardware keyboard – this might be the device for you.

Source: Pocketnow Via: TheDroidGuy Images: DroidLife

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