Where does the world’s data live? – Infographic fun!

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Information makes the world go around, and every day we create more and more information. All of this new info has to be stored somewhere, and a ridiculous amount of it is stored digitally.

According to what you’re about to see below, most of this data is stored on hard drives. A portion of it resides on optical media and tape, but over half resides on spinning disks. We stored roughly 295 exabytes (295,000,000,000 gigabytes) in 2007, and its estimated that we’re up to around 600 exabytes now – That’s a LOT of data!

Online storage company Mozy, an organization that probably knows a bit about where data lives, put together the infographic you see below. It outlines how much data we’ve generated, where we store it, and how we store it.


Source: Mozy Via: Geek.com

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