WP7 Mango goes RTM, Phones Coming Soon?

| July 26, 2011 | Reply

In the Windows Phone Blog Terry Myerson announced that Mango has gone RTM, or Release to Manufacturers. What this means is that the coding for the software is pretty much final, and is now being sent to the various phone makers to tweak and add things relating to their specific phones. Nokia is most likely the most excited to get the news, as it seems they are betting the future of the company on the success of WP7.

Mango was announced way back in Feb after the original software version of WP7 was a huge let down and had miserable sales. So bad in fact that windows Mobile 6 was outselling it for some time. The new list of features numbers in the hundreds and from what we have seen will make the new phones players int he smartphone market if they are designed and built well. Test builds of the new software have leaked out and have even been run on a few current WP7 phone models. We are keeping an eye on this and will report closely as well as review some WP7 Mango units as hey are released.

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