Are Full Frame Cameras Becoming Obsolete For Big Budget Movies?

| August 2, 2011 | Reply

Canon and Sony are pretty big names when it comes to full frame cameras. The ones used to make movies now are not cheap, and are pretty bulky. The new digital SLR cameras hitting the market these days offer an alternative to film makers in a package that can cost less and get shots in smaller places. In fact, some huge budget movies of late have used the Canon 5d MkII during filming. Iron Man 2 and Captain America are two of them. For action scenes you can capture angles and views from the 5D that are better thanĀ  what you can get from a full frame 35mm. You probably didn’t notice any difference in the action scenes shot with the 5d against the standard full frame video camera during these movies, because it’s almost seemless. I used my Canon this weekend at Maker Faire Detroit for some short video footage and was very impressed by the quality of the video. So by saving space, getting better shots and in most cases saving money, how long will it be before the standard in films becomes a DSLR that you or one of your friends own? Within a few years, I would think.

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