As Mobile Tech Grows, Leyden Energy Wants To Make Batteries Better

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If you have ever talked with fellow writer Todd Tabern on the site here about mobile tech and what he would like to see he always mentions the battery. And for good reason. Why is it we are already at dual core 1.5ghz phones when we still use traditional batteries that max out around 1500Mah and can’t last a whole day on a 4g connection? Well, because battery tech is not really moving forward with the rest of the world. While Moore’s law is pretty accurate in terms of most technologies, battery tech isn’t even close. Moore’s law states that technology performance will double every 18 months. How long has it taken battery tech to double in performance? About 20 years.

Leyden Energy is hoping to take some steps to improve mobile battery solutions. As of now they have a technology that can increase a battery charge by 25% and the cells will last 3 years as opposed to the single year batteries we use now in devices. The company has raised $20 million in capital and has about $3 million in grants to make electric vehicle batteries. The company only touts one deal it has for the new battery and it is for an after market battery company in Canada. Leyden is in talks with some tablet companies and hopes to have their tech in a tablet within months. This is promising news with the idea of quad core tablets showing up on shelves within a few months.

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