Australia Based Company Claims They Made Gaming Graphics 100,000 Time Better [video]

| August 2, 2011 | Reply

Euclideon, an Australian company based in Brisbane has made the remarkable claim that they’ve developed a new graphics rendering technology for video games that is “100,000 times better” than existing systems.

After their first announcement around a year ago, they kind of vanished and have come back with $2 Million from the Australian government and an updated video to the capabilities of the new graphics engine. They claim to have 21 trillion polygons running at 20fps in the video. Euclideon also claims that an SDK is only a few months away and game makers could begin to code then. I am not sure if the company will be able to keep this stable throughout a fast moving game or what kind of programming is involved as of yet, so I wouldn’t go calling this the next great revolution in Gaming. We should know more in the coming months.

Source: Gamespy

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