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There used to be a show on TechTV about battle bots. It was somewhat interesting but very over dramatized. I don’t think it really lasted long and if it did maybe I just lost interest. On October 6th the Documentary Bots High will debut on the net streamed for free. You can host an event yourself to the site says. The synopsis on the press page of the film site explains the movie like this:

Some kids play football in school. Other kids build bone-crushing combat robots with the expressed purpose of dismembering competing bots in thrilling caged-death matches. This film is about kids in the latter group.

Bots High follows three teams of high school robotics geeks who build and battle their way to a national robotics competition in Miami. Our heroes include genius inventor Will, who constructs seemingly indestructible bots that unfortunately self-destruct (sometimes in a cloud of smoke and flames), and My Mechanical Romance, a team of Catholic school girls who stand out amid male bot participants with a combination of beauty, brains, and fashion sense.

Funny, smart, and inspiring, these kids navigate high school, adolescence, and first love while reducing enemy bots to shards of scrap metal. Here, at last, is a family film even teenagers can enjoy.

[vimeo clip_id=20707314]

If you are interested in seeing the movie or hosting this tech nerdy film head over to the movie website.

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