British Olympic Volleyball Players to Wear QR Smartphone Codes on Bikini Bottoms

| August 8, 2011 | Reply

Let’s just keep this bathing suit/bra/bikini train rolling…I’m willing to bet some of you guys out there have watched a match or two of womens’ beach volleyball. Probably not because you’re huge fans of the sport though. Well, a British gambling website, Betfair, is taking that same bet. They’ve purchased advertising space on the bikini bottoms of two 2012 British Olympic beach volleyball players, Shauna Mullin and Zara Dampney. The ladies will each get five-figure incentives to have a QR smartphone code plastered where else, but their bums. Get creative to scan the codes, pause the match, scan the code, visit the Betfair site. I’m giving them some creative credit on this one…and find it far less creepy than the Angry Birds bra!

Source: Busted Coverage

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