Droid Bionic Scavenger Hunt – Win A Bionic, Among Other Prizes

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Many of you are familiar with the nationwide scavenger hunt contests that Verizon held for previous DROID branded devices. They did it for the DROID X, the DROID R2D2 and most recently the DROID Charge. Each contest has been formated a little differently, and the latest one has a spin of its own as well.

For the Droid Bionic scavenger hunt, participants will be asked to download an app called Droid Bionic ARena (“AR” standing for augmented reality). The hunt will start on 9/4 and will run through 9/7 (the day before Bionic launch) and each day there are “up to 192 chances to win each prize” – for a total of 768 chances. The listed prizes include: DROID Bionic (obviously), Motorola XOOM, Video-streaming Quadcopter, Intel Laptop, and a 40″ LED TV.

Droid Bionic ARena Market Link

The beginnings of the contest have already started up with the update of DroidDoes.com, micro-site for DROID branded products. Right now a page appears that asks for 4 codes to be entered from 4 different tech blogs (Image below). Also appearing on the page is a countdown that ends tomorrow at 12PM. The @DroidLanding Twitter account has also resumed activity, so you might want to follow it if you plan on partaking in the contest.

That’s all we have for now, but stay tuned for future updates on the contest. In the meantime, check out the images below of the ARena app, contest description, how to play description, and prize details:

DROID Bionic ARena app:

Contest Description:

How to Play:


Sources: DroidLife,  DroidDoes, DroidLanding

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