HTC To Release Bootloader Unlock Procces This Month

| August 3, 2011 | Reply

HTC announced a few months back that they would no longer be locking bootloaders. Phones that were close to coming out from that point still shipped all locked down. It appears these are the first devices that will be able to take advantage of a new unlock tool. Starting with the HTC Sensation and the Sprint Evo 3d, you will be able to unlock your devices via an online toolkit. You will register your device at which point you will have to agree to waive all liability if you screw something up. It hasn’t been said if the warranty void also kills the hardware warranty, or just you bricking it. After you sign your device away, then you connect your device with an SDK installed and you will get a “device identifier” token. When you’ve done that you get a unique unlock code and you will be free to throw a custom rom on the phone. It would be really nice if HTC will still cover the actual hardware warranty part of the deal. Kudos to HTC for stepping up and following through with what they said they would do. You paying attention MOTO?

Source: TechCrunch

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