If You Sign Up For Comcast You Can Get A Xoom for Free (or $99)

| August 3, 2011 | Reply

Comcast is trying to step up its consumer interest in the new Xfinity app, so it wants to give away tablets or get them to you for less than $100. The promotion works in that if you sign up for a two year deal for varying services, you get a xoom cheap or free. it’s not a bad gig if you were looking into changing your cable company. The deal is by asking only, you can’t just expect them to offer it if you call. Here is a snippet from the release:

Now offering Motorola XOOM™ tablet From 8/1-9/15

The XOOM™ offer will be made ONLY through direct mail sent to Non Subs. This offer is only available upon customer request and NOT to be proactively offered. There are three different direct mail offers as outlined below:

  • Version 1: $99 x 12 Triple Play or step up to an HD Triple Play and get up to a $200 Visa prepaid card.
  • Version 2: $99 x 12 TP or step up to HD Preferred Plus XF Triple Play and receive a Motorola XOOM™ (no price for the HD Preferred Plus XF TP will be mentioned on the piece but the qualifying price point is EDP – $174.99 or HD Premier XF TP at $199.99)
  • Version 3: Free Motorola XOOM™ with the HD Preferred Plus XF TP at $174.99 EDP (CAEs can also sell the customer into the HD Premier XF TP at $199.99 for the XOOM as well.)

So if you want a tablet and don’t mind paying for Comcast and locking in your cable for two years, call them up and take advantage.


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